Creative Visions Visits African-American History Museum!

This Saturday Creative Visions took a group of 15 children on their first visit to the African-American history museum in Cedar Rapids. In a tour led by Executive Director Tom Moore, we explored the history’s of the first African-Americans to come to come to Iowa, the legacy and realities of slavery, and the countless accomplishments of African-Americans since then.

This field trip was the final chapter of our History class designed to educate young people on the various aspects of African-American history. We’ve filmed all our class meetings and will be forming a YouTube channel based on that content.

We were extremely fortunate meet a lady related to one of the 4 young women  killed in the bombing at Birmingham, Alabama in the 1960’s. She and her family were enjoying a reunion at the museum and took the time to share how the attack effected her and contributed to the Civil Rights movement.

These past six weeks have been an amazing experience for both Creative Visions’ and the young people involved. Stay tuned because in the next few weeks we’ll be uploading the footage of the program for your enjoyment and education.

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