Students Appreciate Traffic Safety Workshop

Over the course of this summer and fall Creative Visions has worked with the Governors Traffic Safety Bureau to administer workshops that teach the dangers of distracted driving. Last week one of these workshops was held at McKee Alternative Learning Center to a group of young men who normally may have had a hard time sitting and listening to a lecture on the dangers of distracted driving.
Not only were they engaged in the workshop, but one of the classes sent our program coordinator Kevin Clark several thank you letters!
We are sharing this because its not very often you get to make a difference in a child’s life, and rarer still they show that appreciation so soon afterward.
The young peoples appreciation has led to an opportunity for Creative Visions to host an after school mentoring program with at McKee. We are excited about the chance to help these young men gain some incite as to how to achieve a successful future and avoid the negative barriers that face so many young people today.
Check in with us regularly to see how this initiative has helped these young men lives.

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