Meet Joseph Cox

Meet Joseph Cox. After spending several months behind bars for probation violation, Mr. Cox has decided to reinvest his energy and time into his own personal development and goals.

After just one week in the Fort Des Moines correctional housing facility, Cox was able to secure employment  with Premier Business Solutions. He now plans to work on his business aspirations.

“This is all I thought about in there, man” said Cox about his budding artist development and marketing company. “I figured if I put as much into this as I did in that street stuff, I’ll be straight.”

Creative Visions believes in building people and that means that we are invested in the entire person. Any dream, aspiration, or obstacle that you may face, we are there to cheer you on, help you up, and push you to the next level!

Follow us as we work with Mr. Cox to develop and grow his business. The first step being the book he holds, Rhonda Abrams ‘Business Plan in a Day”.

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